About the Dundarave Mortgage Investment Corporation

Dundarave was incorporated in 2008 by a group of related professionals to create an investment vehicle with the aim to provide strong returns while minimizing risk. Dundarave provides an opportunity for investors to pool their capital to invest in varied mortgages.

Pooling capital reduces risk and provides liquidity for investors who need to liquidate their holdings. The company now has a track record of providing solid returns to its investors while selecting mortgage opportunities believed to be good security and relatively minimal risk.

Please contact us for further information regarding our past returns to investors. The Management Team of Dundarave Mortgage Investment Corporation is made up of seasoned professionals and experienced, successful real estate investors and lenders. They bring decades of experience to Dundarave to safely and wisely select the mortgage opportunities available. (They are also significant shareholders in Dundarave, investing alongside other investors on equal footing.)

Our Goals

DMIC has only one goal: to preserve your capital while aiming to provide superior returns from secured, low-risk mortgage investments* Dundarave Mortgage Investment Corporation is a “Mortgage Investment Corporation” (commonly referred to as a “MIC”) licensed by the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA).

Our financial statements are audited every year and in addition to reporting to BCFSA, our sales of shares to the public are reported to the BC Securities Commission. Mortgage Investment Corporations are creations of the Income Tax Act of Canada. They are unique corporate structures that allow for the flow-through of interest income and capital gains to their investors.

Investors in Dundarave Mortgage Investment Corporation subscribe for Preference Shares issued at $1.00 each. Funds are pooled with other investors and invested into a diversified pool of mortgages providing both security and liquidity.

Investors receive a quarterly payment equal to their pro-rata share of the income received by Dundarave of that financial period.

Investors can receive either a cash payment or reinvest their profit to compound their earnings. Dundarave is structured as an investment vehicle that qualifies for all types of Canadian registered savings and pension plan investments, including the RRSP, RRIF, RESP, and the TFSA.


DMIC strives to meet this goal but investments are subject to changing circumstances. DMIC aims to maximize the outcome for the shareholders when negative conditions occur.